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4 Popular Uses for Fillers

When Botox was approved for cosmetic use in 2002, the world already loved the compound for its anti-aging effects. The legacy of the effectiveness of Botox has yet to be matched, but other options to restore youthfulness to your face have also been on the market for some time. Wrinkles are Botox’s specialty, but wrinkles aren’t the only issue for mature skin. 

Botox paved the way for fillers and other injectable cosmetic treatments to catch on and produce results for millions of people. At Beauty Forever Med Spa, we’re proud to offer a variety of injectable treatments for your face and body that help to restore the firmness and elasticity that you crave. 

What are fillers?

While Botox’s prescribed job is smoothing your wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming, fillers do just that - they fill your skin in areas where the fat in your face has shrunk, creating a tired-looking appearance. Fillers plump your face and may have other benefits, depending on the formula. 

Which fillers do what things?

There are several fillers on the market. While it may be confusing at first, as you sort through the different names and benefits, bear in mind your own skin concerns: are you most worried about wrinkles? What about crow’s feet? Are you proud of your jawline? What about your cheeks? 

Beauty Forever Med Spa’s staff of aesthetic professionals are certified and knowledgeable about the variety of fillers that we offer:

Get plump and dewy with Restylane® 

If you’re a candidate for Restylane, you have the chance to watch as this unique filler mimics the effects of Botox in smoothing wrinkles, but has the added benefit of making your face both plumper and more hydrated. Several varieties of Restylane are available through our practice, so you’ll have plenty of options for the look you want. 

Turn back the hands of time on your hands with Radiesse® 

A revolutionary compound with the prestige of being the first FDA-approved filler. One of the few fillers approved for both your face and hands, Radiesse stimulates natural collagen production in your body, making it both a cosmetic tool and an excellent choice with long-lasting results

Stimulate collagen all over with Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra starts where Radiesse ends - instead of two years of protection from wrinkles and collagen stimulation on your face, you get multi-faceted protection from further collagen breakdown, and a host of plumping and rejuvenating benefits.    

Shape up with Juvéderm

From Allergan, the makers of our beloved Botox, Juvéderm was approved in 2006 and has made waves in skin-plumping since. Juvéderm is especially useful for filling wrinkles and contouring the face.  

Do I need more than one filler? 

Before we administer or even recommend treatment for you, we schedule a consultation. During your consultation, we go over your medical history and screen you for chronic conditions. Please let us know of any medication you’re using, whether it’s prescribed, over-the-counter, or an herbal supplement. 

With a full picture of your health history, if you are a candidate for multiple types of fillers, we’re more than happy to treat you! Your provider works closely with you to establish the best course of treatment to reach your aesthetic goals. To get started with a consultation, call us today at 480-386-0616, or book an appointment with us online.   

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