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5 Perks of PDO Skin Lift & Tightening

5 Perks of PDO Skin Lift & Tightening

Sagging skin is no one’s favorite part of growing older. Sagging skin, whether it’s around the eyes, the jawline, or the decollage, can make your face look tired, weathered, and aged. Combined with wrinkles, uneven skin, and fine lines, sagging skin can add years to your face. Fortunately, we have a solution for sagging skin: the PDO thread lift

Our caring staff of experienced medical professionals at Beauty Forever Med Spa in Gilbert, Arizona are always ready to assist with beauty treatments that help you to look and feel your best. Our staff is thoroughly trained in the use of PDO threads, a procedure that can give you firmer, tighter skin, and helps to actively fight the signs of aging. 

What is PDO?

PDO, or Polydioxanone, is a colorless, absorbable synthetic material used in suturing skin. It is commonly used as a dissolving suture for both animals and humans after surgery. Since the material is absorbed into the skin, using it to close a surgical wound makes recovery less of a hassle for a patient - the stitches dissolve with any skin type, eliminating the need for a trip back to the doctor to remove them. 

PDO is generally considered safe for use for everyone, though we require a consultation before we can recommend any of our goods or services to you. This material has a low rate of infection, inflammation, or other adverse reaction. 

While the material itself is safe for most everyone, the procedure for a PDO skin lift does carry a few risks that anyone interested should be aware of, including:

An estimated 15-20% of people who choose to have this procedure experience one or more of these effects, but side effects are generally mild and easily remedied. If you have further questions, or issues, it’s important to reach out to your provider at Beauty Forever Med Spa immediately.  

What are the perks of a PDO skin lift?

One of the greatest benefits of a PDO skin lift is its function as a replacement for a traditional invasive facelift. While the results aren’t as dramatic as this invasive surgical procedure, the subtle effects can last for up to two years, as well as stimulate collagen production in your skin. 


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, minimally-invasive procedures have jumped over 100% in the last two decades. This is due, in part, to their accessibility - facial and body injections are not only less expensive, but the procedures take far less time, are performed in-office, and allow you to drive home if you would like. 

When you come in for your appointment, we start by making you comfortable in a reclined chair. After sanitizing and numbing the area or areas for treatment, we gently insert a cannula, a very tiny tube, under the skin. The PDO threads are inserted through the cannula with a needle, adjusted for your target results, and the needle removed.   

Quick recovery

PDO skin tightening can take as little as 30 minutes, or up to an hour. After your procedure, you can go on about your normal routine, though you will be recovering for the next two weeks. We suggest elevating your head to avoid sleeping on your side and to wash and moisturize your skin without pulling on it. 

Any pain or discomfort should resolve within 24 hours, with over-the-counter medications, if necessary. 

Less expensive than a facelift

Though the individual costs may vary, PDO skin lifts are estimated to be 40% of the cost of a facelift, making them friendlier for tight wallets.  

All-over body treatment

For eligible candidates, PDO skin lifts can be used on the face, breasts, buttocks, and/or knees. Most areas of the body that are affected by sagging skin could be treated with a PDO skin lift, and we will help you determine which areas of your body are best for this treatment.   

Can be used with other anti-aging treatments

PDO skin lifts are safe to be used in conjunction with other anti-aging aesthetic treatments. Popular fillers, like Juvederm and Restylane, can be used to boost results. Botox, too, can be used in conjunction with your PDO skin lift. 

We’re ready to help you reverse the signs of aging. Call Beauty Forever Med Spa today at 480-386-0616, or book an appointment with us online.    

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