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All About Permanent Makeup

All About Permanent Makeup

Who wouldn’t love to wake up in the morning, ready to go at the drop of a hat? If you’re a stickler for your makeup, you don’t have to apply eyeliner, or fill or darken your eyebrows everyday, unless you want to. There are options that can save you significant time getting ready in the morning, and they’re available through the magic of permanent makeup. 

At Beauty Forever Med Spa, in Gilbert, Arizona, we’re proud to offer safe and effective permanent makeup, which can give you the look you love without all of the extra effort in the bathroom every morning. What we offer is customized to your face, and can flatter you for years to come. 

What’s permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is an aesthetic technique that creates the illusion of thicker brows, fuller lashes, and the smooth skin that you normally get with foundation. This technique is a type of tattooing that one might see in a tattoo parlor — but instead of complex and visually arresting images, it is simply and strategically placed lines that enhance the natural beauty of your face. 

Much like tattoos, permanent makeup contains pigments that are inserted into the skin through a series of sterile needles. The pigments used in the permanent makeup processes are typically made of iron oxides, which are naturally sourced minerals that rarely irritate skin, even in sensitive lower layers. Iron oxides don’t appear solely in permanent makeup ink — they’re used in a variety of cosmetics, including the regular eyeliner that you may seek to replace through permanent makeup. 

Permanent makeup rarely causes allergic reactions, or serious side effects. Most adverse reactions and infections result from inexperienced practitioners and/or unhygienic equipment. If you’re looking into permanent makeup, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be aware of the ingredients that exist in the pigment used by your aesthetic practitioner. 

What do you offer at your practice?

Our specially trained and certified professionals offer two solutions to enhance your natural beauty — microblading and permanent eyeliner. Using either will save time during your morning routine, but many patients choose to start their days with their permanent eyeliner and full, day-ready brows. 

Permanent eyeliner

If you’re ready to enhance the full look of your lashes, permanent eyeliner might be for you. Permanent eyeliner entails a thin line of pigment applied to your lash line along the top lid, the bottom lid, or both lids of each eye. Our medical professionals treat your sensitive eyes with care, and our quality pigments stay fresh and beautiful for up to five years. 

Permanent eyeliner can be as thin or thick as you like. If you’re not sure of the style that would best fit your features, you have an experienced provider who can give you some ideas. The procedure may take a few hours to get the look that you want, but for this small investment of time, you’ll have long-lasting results.  


Microblading is a popular procedure that makes the brows look thicker and more shapely. Microblading can create brows where there are none, or if the hairs are so fine and short that they’re barely detectable. Microblading works similarly to permanent eyeliner, though the tool used to create or enhance your brows is called a microblade. 

Microblading results usually last for around a year and a half, but can last for several years. Immediately following your procedure, your brows will be very dark, but the color will fade and become more balanced as your skin heals. 

I’m ready to change my makeup routine!

We’re more than happy to help you get the look you want. Before we offer you any type of treatment, we require a comprehensive consultation, including an evaluation of your full medical history. We have the skills and artistry to keep you safe and enhance your beauty. Call us today at 480-386-0616, or book an appointment with us online.   

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