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Bothered by Your Double Chin? Consider Kybella

Bothered by Your Double Chin? Consider Kybella

We all have something we’d like to change about ourselves. For some of us, it’s the underside of our chins. Diet and exercise won’t always affect the shape of your face, which can make the journey to ideal results frustrating. If you’ve got fatty deposits under your chin, you’re not alone, and you have an option.

Our professional and compassionate staff at Beauty Forever Med Spa are here to help you treat your double chin. Located in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona, we offer a cozy and comfortable environment to receive your treatments. Taking care of your double chin might seem impossible, but with Kybella, you have a shot at a better profile. 

What’s Kybella?

Kybella was approved by the FDA in 2015 and has since become one of the top five minimally-invasive procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. While Kybella is one of the best-known and best-loved injectables that treat subcutaneous fat deposits, it isn’t the first treatment to melt fat from the body - that innovation originated in the 90s. 

What sets Kybella apart from other fat-dissolving treatments is its target treatment area. Whereas fat deposits can appear anywhere on the body, Kybella specifically treats the fatty deposits under the chin. This injectable treatment only takes a few minutes, so you can get excited about your results. 

Kybella’s active ingredient, Deoxycholic acid (DA), is found naturally in our bodies. It exists in our digestive tract, interacting with food after it passes through your stomach, and is processed in your intestines. DA breaks down fat in our digestive tract, making it absorbable for the cells in your body. The Kybella formula does the same thing but under the chin. 

How do Kybella injections work?

Typically, Kybella injections are administered by your provider at Beauty Forever Med Spa once per month for six months. The time that it takes to see your results will vary from person to person, but many people see results within six months. This allows you to have a gradual, more natural-looking change in your appearance. 

For each session, you will come into our office for your monthly treatment. The amount of time your injections take will depend on the number of injections your provider determines is safe and effective for you. Some patients may only need one to two injections, but as many as 50 may be administered in a session. 

Your Kybella injections normally last fifteen minutes. This is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, and you’re safe to drive home after your monthly appointment. 

What might happen if I use Kybella? 

Like any treatment, Kybella has concerns for some people who may be interested in the treatment. Possible side effects of Kybella include: 

These side effects, despite being uncomfortable or annoying, are normal when you’re using Kybella. Side effects for which you should watch include: 

If you’re experiencing serious side effects from your Kybella treatment, please don’t wait to call us. Your health and safety are our top priority, and we need to address any issues that you may have with the treatment prescribed to you. 

I’m ready for a sleeker profile.

Before we recommend any treatment, you will come in for a consultation with your provider at Beauty Forever Med Spa. If your provider determines that you’re a good fit, they’ll work with you to create a treatment plan and schedule your first session of Kybella treatment. Give Kybella a shot at your double-chin. Call Beauty Forever Med Spa today at 480-386-0616, or book an appointment with us online.   

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