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The Many Benefits of IV Therapy

Our busy lifestyles affect our ability to sleep, heal, relax, and even get the proper nutrients. Aging, drinking alcohol, and sickness can also affect how our bodies are able to function. If you notice that your skin is dull and dry, or that you’re not feeling your best, you might be a good candidate for IV Therapy. 

IV Therapy, when administered properly, provides the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to hydrate and revive you. At Beauty Forever MedSpa, we’re proud to offer a variety of IV Therapy treatments geared toward raising your energy, beautifying your skin, and addressing your fatigue and lethargy. Our caring staff of highly experienced aestheticians is here to guide you and assist you with any of our treatments compatible with your health concerns. 

What is IV therapy? 

If you can imagine taking your vitamins directly into your bloodstream, that’s IV therapy. Your formula is selected by your provider. Before we recommend or administer IV therapy to you, we offer a consultation. We want to make sure we know everything that’s bothering you so that we can come up with an appropriate and thorough treatment plan.

IV Therapy, or infusion therapy, contains a wealth of healthy compounds for targeted and overall wellness. Our popular infusions are prepared for you in a sterile IV bag, and using small, sterile needles, applied to a disinfected site on your arm. Once you’re receiving your treatment, you can spend the next hour relaxing, reading, watching a show, or just reflecting. We make sure that you’re comfortable in our clean and cozy facility. 

What are the benefits of IV therapy? 

In a word, the benefits of IV therapy are numerous. Some of our favorite treatments are targeted to revitalizing you from head to toe, and we’re proud to offer a formula for nearly every health concern:

Beat pollution and toxins

Our bodies absorb more than we realize - exposure to pollution, unhealthy food, alcohol, and stress takes a toll on all of us. Flushing all of the bad stuff out of your body is why we love our Total Detox infusion, which hydrates and replenishes vitamins and electrolytes at the cellular level. Since these nutrients have been gently treated to go directly into your bloodstream, it is easy and quick for your body to absorb what it needs. 

Get the look

Toxin build-up in our bodies may manifest in dullness in our skin. Our Beauty Glam Up Infusion treatment uses a stellar collection of vitamins, antioxidants, and hydrating compounds to uplift and brighten your skin. You won’t just look beautiful, either - you’ll feel it. This infusion is loaded with collagen-boosting skin, hair, and nail supplements that boost your energy and your metabolism. 

Turn back the hands

Using a combination of hydrating factors and electrolytes, our Fountain of Youth IV therapy refreshes and revitalizes your cells from the inside out. 

Toughen up

After living through an incredible public health crisis, the memories of quarantine during COVID-19 are enough to make anyone more concerned about their immune system, and its ability to fight off infections. Adding one of our Immunity Drip infusion treatments is a great place to start your IV therapy this year. Loaded with Vitamin C, B vitamins, and zinc, this infusion is created specifically to boost your immune system’s power and efficacy. 

Drop pesky pounds 

You’ve been doing the work with consistent exercise, and you’ve been disciplined with your diet. Now it’s time to upgrade your body’s fat-burning abilities with a Slim Shot infusion. This treat for your body supports healthy liver function, which is crucial to healthy metabolic processes. 

Don’t see your concern on this list? 

Not to worry. We have many other formulas targeted to help you heal your skin, your organs, and your bodily functions. We’re happy to offer not only IV therapy but a variety of other aesthetic and holistic treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best. Call us today at 480-386-0616, or book an appointment with us online.   

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